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What to Expect



Initial Appointment

The initial assessment typically lasts 90 minutes and involves a thorough review of your current and past medical history, laboratory tests, medications and supplements, family history, lifestyle and physical activity, your current eating preferences, nutrition knowledge and skills, and your wellness goals. With this information, we will then customize a plan for you that will keep all of your lifestyle and wellness goals in mind.



Research shows that people have a higher success rate by continuing to work with a Registered Dietitian throughout the change process. Our 30 to 60 minute follow-ups allow us to fine-tune your individualized program, monitor your progress, and provide you with the motivation and support to meet your goals. Long-term maintenance of your changes is enhanced by discussions at the frequency that is right for you, which can vary from weekly to several months dependent on your confidence level and needs.


Virtual Sessions

Telehealth allows you to have regular nutrition consultations without leaving your home or office. Virtual nutrition counseling works over a HIPAA-compliant, secure and confidential platform, GetHealthie, providing individualized care via video sessions. All sessions can be done from anywhere that the client has access to a computer or phone and internet connection. GetHealthie can be used on a browser or app downloaded from your App Store/Google Play. Telehealth services are covered by all insurance plans.

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